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Hi, This is Micheal Pfeffer. I am a Big fan of Camcorder since my childhood. I have been working Camcorder Industry in last 15 Years that's why i created this blog to share my experiences with You People.

Panasonic HC-WXF991K Review

Panasonic HC-WXCF991K is one of the few Panasonic’s revamped models coming with the upgradation of an earlier WE970 camcorder series. This unit is a gem of a camcorder. Coming with a cleverly built viewfinder and multiple video recording capacities, the HC-WXCF991K unit promises a semi-professional video recording experience to its users. It certainly emerges as …

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One of the most affordable camcorder models currently reigning the market is the Panasonic HC-VX981K. It is the official replacement of its earlier version, VX870. Compared to its predecessor, the VX981K has improved a lot. In addition to the improvements of previous basic features, some new attributes are also thrown in the mix to come …


Canon XA30 Review

Over my long years of using camcorder experience, the camcorder-related thing that bothered me most is the unavailability of a web version sharing option. Let’s just imagine this scenario. You have finished the filming and are about to share it on the web or social media. You just found out then that there is no …

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How to Connect Camcorder to Computer for Live Streaming

In the modern age, people want to become popular and try to give an individual opinion for any running issue or something else. If you are thinking this, you can use the webcam. But camcorder is a popular electronic portable device which is helping to record video or audio playback. Many people, such as filmmakers …

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